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Origin of the word: ABBREVIATION

Abbreviation /noun, plural: abbreviations/ (English): 1400-1450

> In another languages:

With the same roots:

  • Abreviación/Abreviatura (Español)
  • Abreviação/Abreviatura (Português)
  • Abréviation (Français)
  • Abbreviazione/Abbreviatura (Italiano)

With another roots:

  • Abkürzung (Deutsch): ab– (away, off, down) + kürzung (reduction, cut).

> From:

  • Lat abbreviāre: ad (to) + breviāre (shorten) from brevis (short, brief, shallow).

> Meaning:

  • Present: A short form of a word or phrase (Cambridge Dictionary). A shortened form of a word or phrase; the process or result of abbreviating (Oxford Dictionary).
  • Original: Something made short, something made brief.

One response

  1. In German it’s also used the word “Abbreviatur” (from same roots) but “Abkürzung” is more common.

    October 27, 2010 at 8:03 pm

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