…behind the word

Origin of the word: ABATE

Abate /verb/ (English): 1300-1350

> In another languages:

With the same roots:

  • Abatir (Español)
  • Abater (Português)
  • Abattre (Français)
  • Abbattere (Italiano)

With another roots:

  • Abflauen (Deutsch): ab– (away, off, down) + flauen, flau (weak, slack).

> From:

  • Old French abatre: to beat down, to cast down, to knock down, to fell.
  • Lat. ad battuĕre: ad (to, at, preposition of intensity) battuĕre (to beat).

> Meaning:

  • Present: To become less strong (Cambridge Dictionary). Become less intense or widespread; cause to become smaller or less intense; lessen, reduce, or remove (Oxford Dictionary).
  • Original: To beat down.

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